We have the capacity to output large quantities of bonded sheets on a daily basis.

Utilising leading brand laminates bond on to many various and specialised core materials, using only the highest quality PVA glue and Borden UL-39 Resin adhesives, in conjunction with automatic glue application to ensure perfect and reliable bonding every time.

Joos Press x 4, Interwood Press x 1

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CNC Machining

With today’s demanding emphasis on curves and shapes, Duncan Reeds are able to cope with a massive variety of combinations from your CAD drawings.

Using Alphacam, state of the art technology, allows us to produce up to 4 panels at a time, ensuring high volume capacity for what was at one time a very time consuming process.
CNC machines can produce multiple work pieces at a time, shaping, drilling and edgebanding.

Weeke venture x2, Optimat Baz

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Post Forming

We have the largest bespoke through feed post forming line in the U.K.

This means that we can produce custom-made post formed panels quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Whether 12mm through to 30mm radii, or fully bullnosed, each post formed edge is perfectly bonded to the core with high performance water resistant PVAc adhesive.

Homag Profline, PF10 x 2

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We have two high-tech edgbanding lines, which can apply a diverse range of lippings to core materials from 10mm to 60mm thick.

From 0.4mm thick PVC up to 20mm thick hardwood, we are able to offer flush, chamfer, and radius profile finishes, along with traditional hot melt adhesives. We can also apply lippings with polyurethane, which provides a very high performance, fully waterproof bond.

PU – Homag Optimat x 2, Hot-Melt Optimat x 1

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Using the very latest CNC Beam Saws we ensure that your cutting lists are fully optimised using Magicut Software, and every panel is quality checked on a regular basis to guarantee consistency and precision of each cut, to produce a very high quality and accurate cutting service.

Holzma x 4

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A PU sprayed edge (commonly known in the industry as ‘Armour Edging’) for table tops is an incredibly hard wearing, hermetically sealed finish. We’re one of the few specialists in the UK that can offer this service in-house.

Very popular throughout the educational sector, this finish is ideal for any workplace or public space environment that has to cope with a high volume of traffic.

The whole process from start to finish is all done under one roof in Billingshurst, which enables us to have total control of the project and meet the tightest of deadlines.

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We are very proud of our close working relationships with the best suppliers in the business.

Working together to give you the most comprehensive range of products to choose from.

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