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We have carved a niche in the manufacture and fabrication of specialist materials, already supplying some of the biggest marine and offshore industries in the world.

As agents for Fipro, our expert knowledge of non-combustible and fire-retardant sheet materials ensures that our marine products meet every requirement necessary for shipbuilders, naval architects and outfitters, whilst complying with the highest quality assurance and marine regulations.

From luxury liners to passenger ferries, from oil platforms to cargo ships – our range of products and services are bespoke according to your requirements and budget.

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It is essential that furniture on board any marine environment must be comfortable, stylish and comply with all health and safety regulations.
Our expert knowledge of materials and the fabrication processes, combined with the latest choice of core materials from standard grade to non-combustible and a wide range of laminates and finishes, means that we can create the perfect environment according to your specification.

Public Space

Creating attractive public service areas that are also durable and practical can be tricky in a marine environment where space is very limited. Using custom wall linings, bespoke furniture, column cladding, decorative ceiling features and window mullions can turn all your public spaces into stunning and relaxing places to be. From shops and retail areas to public bars and casinos, dining rooms and lounges to reception areas and offices, entertainment areas to libraries we can produce anything to complement and enhance your area.

Accommodation systems

We can produce a full range of protective divisions, including bulkheads, deck-heads and floating floors.
Our expert knowledge in specialist marine materials means that we only produce the best quality hardcore systems using FIPRO bonded panels with a wide range of decorative laminate facings to give a tough, durable yet very attractive finish – all designed to blend seamlessly with your interior furniture, to give your clients that relaxing feeling of luxury.

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